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CH-209 foldable thermometer

Function & Features:
** Product certifications:CE;RoHS;FDA;FCC;WEEE
** Whole product dustproof & waterproof:  IP66
** Design  patented  product.  Exclusive  appearance  design,  has  applied  design  patent
certificate at home and abroad** Voice broadcast current temperature. The sound is loud and clear, it’s more convenient
for the elderly with presbyopia.
** Lights of different colors remind current temperature, advanced warning, more intuitive
and more timely
** Fast read, could get accurate data in 3~5s
** With magnet at back to absorb; with hanging hole to hang
** Foldable probe, high safety, hard to break damage or hurt people;convenient storage
and save space
** Power on at 45°, 180° rotated at different angles
** Temperature℃ / ℉ switch function to meet different people's habits
** MAX/MIN,maximum and minimum value query function
** Temperature HOLD function, can lock the temperature when the measurement is finished,
to avoid the temperature changing when the probe leaves the object.
** Auto power off 10 minutes no operation and into power saving mode
** Backlight, convenient to use at night
** Low-power detection function, give reminder to replace batteries in time to avoid the
screen display unclear due to low battery

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