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CH-913 Digital thermohygrometer

1、 Large LCD, display temperature, humidity, weather situation, time, date,week, comfort level at same time. 
2、 Touch button control, the LCD light 5s by press any button.
3、 Comfort level function
4、 LED backlight function, more convenient to use it at night
5 、 Weather forecast function, predict the weather based on real-time temperature and humidity changes.
6、12hr/24hr time mode adjust function, alarm, snooze function.
7 、 Temperature ℃ / ℉ switch function, can choose display Celsius or Fahrenheit to meet different people's habits.
8、 MAX/MIN temperature & humidity memory function.
9、 Have stand holder and hanging hole at the back, can be placed standing or hanging.
10、 Low battery reminder:please change new battery when the battery icon flash.
11、 Low power consumption, high precision and high stability.

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