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CH-212 dual probe thermometer


** Exclusive design, patent approved, Patent NO.: ZL2018 3 0497842.1

** Large LCD display, touch screen to control, easy to do.

** Double probe to test, can record 2 kinds of meat temperature and set custom alarm

** LED backlight: easy to use when at night or at outdoors; Each time touch the button, will light for 5S and then voice broadcast D.

** Quick Response: accurate data can be read about 5s.

** BBQ Function: there are 8 kinds of meat: BEEF, LAMP, VEAL, HAMBURGER PORK TURKEY CHICKEN FISH; 5 kinds of taste for your choice.

** Custom alarm, you can set the temperature point as per your need; when reach the preset temperature point, will issue an alarm alert.

** C/F double temperature Switching applications, cater to different habit.

** The item can be stood up with frame, wall hung with holes and magnet adsorbed with magnets.

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