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S-WS11Solar Thermometer

 It is a high-middle end product treated as the measurement for food temperature."Century Harvest" as a independent brand, was founded in 2009,which boost developing the standard and global operation all along. So far,our products have been exported to the countries and areas,such as, European, America, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa, etc. Superior quality of product not only have got trust from overseas for our brand but also brought the continuous marketing opportunity for the enterprise development.

  • Product description
  • Technical specifications

Digital thermohygrometer is one of the types for temperature and humidity measuring instrument. It can be used to measure the temperature and humidity of the environment, in order to determine the environmental conditional of production or storage of products. S-WS11 is a  Soil temperature and humidity meter, which with the expansion bracket, hanging hole, battery cover, adapted to the handheld, wall, desktop etc. It wide used in industry, hospital, warehouse, scientific research office and body room, etc,. The whole process can automatically record the changes of place temperature and humidity parameters. As well as it's with multiple sets of keys, which can be available for manual start and manual stop, query of the maximum and minimum values, setting of the alarm function, it's very easy to operation.


What’s more, our products through a variety of testing and certification, report of the  product testing, report of the measurement quality, RoHS certification, CE certification, ISO certification, design patent certificate.


Technical Parameter:

Max/min temperature and humidity display
Temperature range: -50℃ ~ 70℃   
Temperature accuracy: 0.1℃    
Temperature Accuracy: ± 1℃
Temperature update time: 10 seconds
Humidity Range: 10% RH ~ 99% RH     
Humidity precision: ± 5% RH 
Humidity Accuracy: 1% RH
Battery and solar powder work
Product size:155.8*122.5*21.5mm
MAX / MIN button The memory is highest and lowest indoor, outdoor temperature
RESET button: Eliminate highest and lowest indoor, outdoor temperature

Fix the unit on a wall or palce on desktop.

Button Li-Ion cell)CR2032) and solar battery exchange

Lighteness more than 150 lux, solar battery works, under 150 lux, exchange to cell battery works