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S-WS06A Multifunction-Hygrometer

 It is a high-middle end product treated as the measurement for food temperature."Century Harvest" as a independent brand, was founded in 2009,which boost developing the standard and global operation all along. So far,our products have been exported to the countries and areas,such as, European, America, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa, etc. Superior quality of product not only have got trust from overseas for our brand but also brought the continuous marketing opportunity for the enterprise development.

  • Product description
  • Technical specifications
The items S-WS06A is OEM, real data and with high accurecy, and our mould is unique in the world.  
Which is very popular in diffirence countries and areas.
The products  small and convenient, enjoy the temperature of life be started from Century Harvest 
Model No.                            S-WS06A
Measuring item                     In-OutdoorTemperature + Indoor Humidity 
Feature                                  MAX/MIN,Time/ Calendar/Alarm clock/Comfort Level Indicator 


Temperature range                Indoor (0℃~ 50℃,+32℉~+120℉)                                 

                                             Outdoor  (-20℃~ 70℃,-4℉~+158℉)  
Humidity range                     30%~90%RH
Temperature resolution          0.1℃
Humidity resolution               1%RH
Temperature accuracy          ±1℃
Humidity accuracy               ±8%RH  
Key operation                       [MODE], [ADJ],[MEMO]
Key operation(at the back)    [℃/℉],[RESET]
Temperature sensor wire      Extend 3 m length 
Power supply                      1.5VAAA(7#) Battery 
Color                                  Optional blue or red 
LCD size                             78*67mm
Unit size                             110*100*20mm