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CH-204 Display thermometer

It is a high-middle end product treated as the measurement for food temperature."Century Harvest" as a independent brand, was founded in 2009,which boost developing the standard and global operation all along. So far,our products have been exported to the countires and areas,such as, European, America, Southeast Asia, Middle-East, Africa, etc. Superior quality of product not only have got trust from overseas for our brand but also brought the continuous marketing opportunity for the enterprise development.

  • Product description
  • Technical specifications

 Our item S-H04 is a food grade stainless steel food thermometer, which with high quality 304 stainless steel, safe heat, non-toxic, tasteless . The probe of this product be using food grade high-quality stainless steel, high strength, heat resistance, Strong, good stability. S-H04 is also within LCD display whose backlight can show the digital temperature, it's such easy to use and good device for life.. Enjoy the temperature of life, starting with Century Harvest


 Technical Parameter:

Model No.                         S-H04
Measuring item                   Food Temperature wth fork 
Feature                               Multiple options for meat type & taste  level                                 
                                          high-brightness backlight display   
Key operation                      [ON/OFF,MEAT],[TASTE]
Key operation(at the back)    [℃/℉]                                                                                             
Temperature range               1℃~ 110℃

Taste Range    RARE MEDIUMRARE  MEDIUM    WELL     DONE                         
                      BEEF    140℉                145℉    160℉    171℉                         
                      LAMB     NA                   151℉   160℉     171℉    
                      PORK     NA                    NA      160℉     171℉    
                    CHICKEN  NA                    NA      NA        180℉   
                     Turkey      NA                    NA      NA        180℉ 

Temperature resolution     0.1℃/0.1℉
Temperature accuracy     ±1℃ 
Power supply                  2*AAA(#7) Battery 
Sensor Pipe                    5*120mm length
LCD size                        32*26mm
Unit size                        450*40*30mm