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Backlight multi-function thermo-hygrometer market
Time: 2017-2-13 14:44:42

New model CH-904 with multi-function and backlight is ready. It with many convenient features:

1Large LCD, display temperature, humidity, weather situation, moon phase, time, date and week at same time. Calendar is from Jan. 1 2003 to Dec. 31 2052.

2LED backlight function, more convenient to use the product at night.

3Weather forecast function, predict the weather based on real-time temperature and humidity changes.

 4Alarm, Snooze, Hourly chime function

 512hr/24hr time mode adjust function

 6Temperature℃ / ℉ switch function, can choose display Celsius or Fahrenheit to meet different people's habits. 

7MAX/MIN temperature & humidity memory function

8Have bracket and the hanging hole behind the product, can be placed standing or hanging

 9Low power consumption, high precision and high stability


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